Sunday, November 29, 2009


Okay, this will be my first official Cyber Monday...I'm crossing my fingers for sales! I just created about 7 new items I will be posting in my etsy store soon, but haven't had the time to take pictures. Okay, the truth is my camera is downstairs and I am too lazy and forgetful to run back downstairs to get it. Plus, Chase has been extremely "spirited" this weekend so most of my time is actually spent chasing (how ironic) after him.
I had a lovely Thankgiving in the desert this weekend, although I hate camping (in a trailer), dirt and sand, I loved being with my family and seeing the boys have so much fun riding around on the quads and playing in the dirt. We stayed for one night (Thank you Lord) and was back in time for Black Friday (Whoohoo)...I spent waaay too much money at Kohl's!!! I was a little disapointed at Target's deals.

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  1. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!

    Lil Rambler got sick from preschool...sooooo you know who else got sick...


    ME ;( and miss you!!