Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I really need to get to work!!!

I sometimes day dream about jewelry making...My mind starts to wander, I think I have ADHD. Anyhoo (I say that a lot), my friend in the middle, she is a math genius...and possibly one of the smartest people I know. Oh, I hope ,by now you've guess that the picture posted are of me and my work buddies!!! I'm the short one on the left. The math whiz is a Financial Analyst (of course), former Math teacher, and can tell you just about any process in the warehouse we all work in. My blond friend, let's call her Pam (can you guess why)...well, she is like, everyone's boss. She tells us all what we can and can't do and when we can do it. :) But we all love her because she is super duper NICE and has the biggest heart ever!!! This picture cracks me up because in REALITY the Math Whiz is actually the tallest of the bunch, Pam is slightly 5' 2", and i'm a whopping 5 ft tall...but in this picture my friend Pam looks so tall. It must be the 5 inch heels she has on! I need to get me some of those!!! Anyhoo, moral of my story is I need to stop daydreaming, get back to work, and be thankful I have awesome work buddies!!! Ahmen!


  1. Hi,
    In order to post the award on your blog, just go to the award photo on mine, Right click it, save it to your desktop. Then upload it as a photo on your blog. From there just copy and past the words with it :)
    If you find that you need more help with it just let me know.
    You're on a great start with your new blog.

  2. you are so pretty!