Monday, May 25, 2009

Proper packaging is important!!!

I have this thing about gift wrapping...I think it stems from a complex I developed as a child watching my Mom use those horribly ugly (sorry if you use them) ready made bows...anyhoo, this complex (or obsession) translated over to my packaging. I believe that no matter how much a person spends in my store, the same amount of care goes into packaging my items. My goal is to make my customers feel like it's their birthday! Oh and of course, sending everything out NEXT Day...I don't like to wait for my orders...and I don't think my customers should wait either!!!


  1. Hi there! I just bought the Sakura necklace. Can you please add a Happy Birthday note for me? (To Sally, From Erica!)

  2. Hi,
    I'm sorry I just read this, I sent your package out earlier today. I did include your free Sakura Ring like you had requested.


  3. Is that you exterior shipping packaging? It's so PRETTY!