Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to make cute little flower hair pins, part 1

These little hair clippies are such cute little gifts for any little girl or girls at heart...they are so inexpensive to make too! I got most of my supplies from Michaels and the 99cent store. You can purchase your silk flowers from the Dollar Tree as well, they have a pretty nice selection. I prefer Michaels because they tend to be better quality silk flowers. I bought my hair clips from the 99cent store, Rhinestones from Michaels.
Okay, first things first, gather your will need the following:
1 silk flower
1 hair clip
1 rhinestone
needle and thread
First take apart your flower I did not take a picture of the next part, you must sew the middle part of the flower, just a couple of stitches so that your flower doesn't come apart once it is glued


  1. super cute! I used that exact yellow flower in one of my necklaces :)
    We both must have great taste!