Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market

I love the idea of the Rose Bowl Flea Market...there are tons of vendors selling just about anything cool and vintage...people from everywhere visit this famous flea market, it's been feautured on HGTV and on the Style Network...even the stars have been known to pay a visit to find one of a kind items. The hip and the stylish all flock to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
A few weeks ago, I thought it would be a great idea to go to the flea market...I dreamt of all the wonderful finds and goodies i'd come home with. And as a side note, it takes a lot for me to get outside of good ol' Riverside...I prefer to stay within the city limits. So, this trip I was about to make was a pretty big one. Not only is it a one hour and 11 minute drive (mapquest), I would have both boys shopping along with me. Anyhoo, I packed up the boys, bags, and stroller and headed out...first to church, and then to THE ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET, in beautiful Pasadena, CA.
I had been to the Rose Bowl in the past, a few times in fact, but I always seem to forget why I go every few years...One thing is, I hate crowds...what the heck was I thinking??? There are thousands and thousands of people shopping. I experience stroller rage while trying to manuever my way into the crowds...I feel like running the folks over (with my stroller, not car) who stop dead in their tracks to look at something, talk to their buddy, or just STAND THERE. I guess I forget that people are there to peruse through the many aisles of vintage goodies. I am not a peruser (not sure if it's an actual word, but i'll make my own words up for the sake of my story).
So my lesson learned today...
Stay at home. Shop online. Don't run people over with giant strollers...
But if you're curious...this is what I picked up today:
3 strands of beads-$7.50
1 vintage scarf-$1.00
1 glass (?) pendant necklace-$4.00
Ohhh....don't get me started on how expensive my cheesburger and bottle of water was...

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