Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well...I guess since Etsy is down...I guess I should blog, right?

I'm a blessed Mom. God truly blessed me with two beautiful boys...Nick, the oldest, is 6 years old. He will be graduating from Kindergarten on June 12!!! He is such a little smarty pants...scored a perfect on his CA math assessments (I don't remember even learning math in kindergarten)...and is an excellent reader. I would be bragging right now about his test scores in English but he hasn't gotten his results back yet. :) Chase my baby...or Chase-monster, as we call him has the biggest personality...and is always getting a lot of attention from the ladies where ever we go!!! Both boys are as different as night and day!!! Nick is shy and for the most part, very well behaved...Chase is outgoing, tough, and well, let's just call him super-duper independent.


  1. such handsome boys! I thought I'm looking at a child model there! :D