Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Wigglysee Crocheted Toys"

Meet my featured seller of the day!!!!

Debbie of Wigglysee Crocheted Toys

1. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get a lot of my inspiration from my love to walk through the toy department at my local stores to see what is new that the kids play with. I remember the type of toys my grandmother would make me as a child and try to recreate those. I do custom orders so some of my toys are actually inspired by requests from other people.

2. Tell me about your self and your design style?

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia but was born in up-state New York. I was taught to crochet by my grandmother . I started with the usual afghans and pillows but they take to long and I was impatient to see the completed product. I then switched to toys and found my love, Through the years as I designed new toys my niece and nephews would get all the new prototypes to test . I make my stuffed toys to last , they are stitched together very tightly, stuffed with hypo-allergenic polyfil and use safety eyes so they can not be pulled out. My niece and nephews have had theirs for at least 25-30 years and they still look great. I try to design my toys to be safe , provide fun and bring a smile to your face

When I had to stop working outside the home due to medical complications my toys became my life saver not only for extra money but keeping my fingers nibble and my mind active.

3. What things do you shop for? What catches your eye?

I love to shop for new kitchen gadgets and any type of cow inspired knick-knack. My house is full of both. I like searching though other etsy shops to see what type of cow items catches my eye to add to my collection.

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  1. Great blog! Thanks for promoting my shop and "babies"