Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tell me what you really think???

Hmmm....it just occurred to me that maybe (just maybe) there are folks out there that don't have the same "taste" in jewelry as I do. As Scott put's it...I have a "unique" sense of style. When I made this necklace, I immediately fell in love with it's boldness, I love the bright red beads and black rose...but I may be (well, maybe me and 7 other people in this world...possibly less since it's still sitting in my store, waiting patiently to be bought) the only person who would actually wear this. I can't how the low amount of views it receives. I even changed the picture to see if the views would pick up...NOPE...Nada...in fact, it went up 1 view since last nigt. But...I still love this necklace...maybe someone with an equally unique sense of style will love this one too!

1 comment:

  1. Hm, that is a very interesting necklace to be sure. I think it's cute & unique, though not something that I would wear myself. I do like the black rose on there though. It's a nice touch!